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Is your tile stained from years of hard work? Is your grout dark and grimy? The tiles and tile grout in your home get stained from years of traffic, spills, dirty shoes, and pet and child messes — and it could have happened so gradually you may not even have noticed!

My Carpet Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning services. We can professionally and safely strip away years of dirt, grime, and grit to leave you with sparkling, like-new tile floors. We use brand-new cleaning tools to clean your tiles and grout effectively and with residue-free and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Call us today for a free estimate or to schedule a service.


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Our Proven Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

• Our trained pros assess your situation and inspect the area with an in-home evaluation.

• We carefully move furniture away from the work area.

• We vacuum the work area then pre-treat it using a heavy-duty but safe cleaning solution.

• Our machines go to work, scrubbing away years of dirt, grime, and grit.

• We use a complete steam cleaning extraction process for the ultimate clean.

• When the area is clean and dry, we move the furniture back in place, exactly where you had it.

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