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Regular carpet cleaning or steam cleaning, using the correct techniques and cleaning solutions, not only makes your carpets look new and bright but also kills germs, dust mites, removes pollen and other pollutants. Steam cleaning also extends the carpet's life and is the carpet manufacturers' preferred cleaning method.

Vacuuming your home's or office's carpets once or twice a week is suitable for removing dirt, pollen, pet hair, and more from the surface of your carpeting or rugs. But over time, dirt particles get lodged deep into the carpet's fibers, particularly in the high-traffic areas — which are often the most visible parts of your home. On top of this, your carpets may experience spilled drinks or pet accidents. In these situations, vacuuming alone will not clean and sanitize your living space. What you need is reliable carpet cleaning business to keep your home looking new, improve the quality of the air you breathe, and keep everything sanitary for you and your family.

My Carpet Cleaning is the Chicago area's highest-rated carpet cleaning business. With teams of trained and certified professionals who use safe, eco-friendly products and leading-edge professional equipment and techniques to ensure your home and office are safe, clean, and comfortable. Don't trust your home or office to fly-by-night companies or upstarts offering low prices but unproven techniques and equipment.


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5 Reasons to Have Your Carpets and Rugs Professionally Steam Cleaned

• Steam cleaning uses equipment that transmits hot water deep into carpet fibers to eliminate dust and debris build-up. This heated treatment kills germs, bacteria, and extracts allergens that dwell in your carpet fibers.

• Steam cleaning is affordable and suitable for use on all types of fabrics and color schemes. It does not void a manufacturer's warranty when performed by a professional carpet cleaning company.

• My Carpet Cleaning uses only environmentally safe products that are suitable and safe for children, pets, or those suffering from allergies.

• Steam cleaning is a gentle, yet effective cleaning method that ensures your carpets and rugs will last longer than traditional vacuuming and spot cleaning.

• Steam cleaning is the preferred carpet cleaning method among carpet and rug makers and suppliers.

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